Purpose statement

Glorify God by selling drone products and services in order to fund ministry and act as a Christian witness.

Our mission

Droneoptix will aim to provide the best drone products and services to the world, with impeccable customer service.

Our beliefs

Love: Love your neighbour as yourself (Mark 12:31). Our neighbours are both employees and customers, so we make sure we don’t exploit anyone for extra profit.

Preservation of the environment: God gave us the earth to use and care for, so it is our duty as a business to preserve the environment. We have made a pledge to use as little plastic packaging as possible and to reuse packing materials.

Servant leadership: Our employees drive the business and by following Christ’s example of serving them first we can create a supportive working environment, resulting in more effective work.

Diversity: Just as Jesus loves all people, we love all our workers, whatever their religion, race, gender, sexual orientation etc.

Excellence: Do great things with the gifts you’ve been given.

Profit with a Purpose: Profits will be invested into expanding the company and to fund ministry.

We’re only human: As much as we’d all love to be perfect, we must accept that we are human and make mistakes. We hope to satisfy all our customers, so please contact us if you are unsatisfied.