Got an old drone gathering dust? Shouldn’t you do something meaningful with it? Donate your drone and DroneOptix will give twice your drone’s value to help end extreme poverty.

Donating your drone is completely hassle free, simply fill in the form below, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with the amount we will donate for your drone. If you accept we’ll send you a shipping label so your drone can be collected from your address, or dropped off at a nearby parcel shop.

What charity are you supporting?

We support Tearfund, who aim to end extreme poverty in 50 of the world’s poorest countries. You can find out more about them here –

Can I donate my accessories too?

YES! All extra accessories like spare batteries, rucksacks, propellers, tablets and chargers are included when we calculate your drone’s value.

My drone is broken, can you recycle it?

All drones are useful to us, however broken they are. Recycle your drone through us and we’ll donate twice the drone’s value.

What do we do with your drone?

Drone parts can be impossible to get hold of, so we often use parts from old drones for our repairs and we also sell parts on to allow others to repair their own drones. This reduces the number of drones being landfilled, lowering CO2 emissions.

Can I give drones or electronics that aren’t on your list?

Yes! We’ll take any items and will donate all the money we earn from them. We only match donations of drones on our list, but your generosity will still make a huge impact on people’s lives.

Can I donate even if I aren’t based in the UK?

Yes, we accept international donations. We would need you to arrange the postage cost. We don’t mind who pays for the shipping, but if we pay we would subtract the shipping cost from our donation.

Why do you do this?

Being based in the UK, one of the world’s richest countries, we have the so much more than billions of people round the world. The least we as a company can do is donate our profits to people who really need the money to survive, unlike our owners, who

Which drones do you match the donation on?

We double the donation on any drones on the list below. If your drone isn’t on the below list we will still donate it’s value, but we won’t donate any extra money.

How much is my drone worth?

Please see this below table for the latest drone value estimates (in fully working order with all the parts included). When you submit the donation form we will confirm the donation value. These values do NOT include our matched payment.

Price per extra battery
Phantom 1£60£3
Phantom 2£50£15
Phantom 2 Vision£50£15
Phantom 2 Vision Plus£120£15
Phantom 3 Standard£115£20
Phantom 3 Advanced£210£20
Phantom 3 Professional£225£20
Phantom 3 4K£210£20
Phantom 4£300£35
Phantom 4 Advanced£450£35
Phantom 4 Professional£500£35
Mavic Pro£350£20
Mavic 2 Zoom£580£35
Mavic 2 Pro£720£35
Mavic Air£290£20
Mavic Mini£250£15
Inspire 1£200£50
Inspire 2£1,500£50
Parrot Disco£310£20
Parrot Anafi£275£20
Parrot Bebop 1£100£8
Parrot Bebop 2£150£8
Gopro Karma£240£30
Yuneec Typhoon H£430£40
Yuneec Typhoon Q500£200£20
Yuneec Breeze£80£15


Can’t I just sell my drone on eBay and donate the profits?

Yes you can, and we’d really respect that. However, not only would you loose about 15% of the value in fees, we wouldn’t match your donation and you’d have all the hassle that selling online involves.

When would Tearfund receive the money?

We pay the value of your donation monthly to Tearfund. Our additional donation match is given annually.

How do you know we will actually donate the money?

We will post our giving receipts monthly on our social media – contact us if you have any concerns.

Are you endorsed by Tearfund?

No, we are not endorsed, supported or linked to Tearfund, we are simply donating to their brilliant cause.