Questions about our parts

I am looking for a part that isn’t listed on your website, could you source it for me?

Yes, we can source any part for you, however sometimes it won’t be cost effective for us to do so, as sourcing it could cost much more than the part is worth. We will let you know whenever this is the case, but this usually happens if you are looking for a small specific part.

I can see that many of the parts you sell are used, does this mean that they won’t last as long, and could you source me new parts?

In order to keep our prices down we usually source second hand parts, they will last a similar amount of time as the new parts and we of course give them our. 12 month warranty. If you really want new parts then we can try to source them for you, however this can be impossible for older drones as DJI no longer stock the new parts.

I live internationally, can you ship the parts out with faster delivery?

Yes, we can ship your parts out faster, just let us know how quickly you would like the parts and we’ll get them shipped out to you.

Questions about the warranty

Is the warranty transferable to a new owner?

Yes, the warranty is transferable so long as you have signed up to warranty on t