Oh no, you’ve crashed your Yuneec drone! Don’t worry, our experienced technicians we will get you flying again in no time at all. We offer repairs at competitive for all of Yuneec’s drones, none are too old or complicated for us. We have the UK’s largest supply of Yuneec parts, so you shouldn’t have to wait for parts.

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Repair now, pay later

Need your drone repaired before a job next week, but running low on cash? Pay for your repair in 30 days or in 3 monthly instalments free of charge with Klarna. 

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Drone Buy back

Is it uneconomical to repair your drone? Or are you upgrading to a newer model? We will buy your old drones off you, whether they are almost new or completely crashed. We will recycle and reclaim as much as we can, reducing landfill and carbon emissions.

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Commercial drone servicing

Drones should be serviced at least every 12 months to ensure reliability. We service all drones, whether it is a Mavic, Inspire or a custom heavy lift drone.

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To get a quote or book a repair give us a ring or fill in our repair form.

Frequently asked questions

Do you accept international repairs?

Yes, we have many international customers. The postage will be more expensive, but European 2-3 day shipping often only costs £20.

How much does it cost?

Every drone and repair is different so please click here to get a quote. If during our free diagnostics we find different issues than expected then we will send a new quote which you can choose whether or not to accept.

What happens if you can’t repair my drone?

We should be able to repair every drone, but sometimes it is not economically viable. In this case we will return the drone to you. You don’t need to pay anything except the £10 return postage cost. Alternatively, if you no longer want the drone we can buy it off you.

What happens if I decide not to go ahead with the repair?

If you decide not to go through with the repair after the diagnostics we will return the drone back to you. You don’t need to pay anything except the £10 return postage cost. Alternatively, if you no longer want the drone we can buy it off you.

Which drones do you repair?

We will repair any type of drone. Get a quote here to find out more.

Do you repair water damaged drones?

It depends on the situation. Salt water damage is unlikely to be repairable, however fresh water can often be repaired. It is usually only economical to repair more expensive drones with water damage as the diagnostics is difficult.

Do you repair controllers?

Yes, we do. However it may take slightly longer as we don’t always have the right parts in stock.

How should I package my drone?

We recommend that you place your drone in a solid cardboard box with plenty of bubble wrap. Remember to install the gimbal clamp, or to wrap the gimbal in bubble wrap. If you have a case then you may want to send it in that, however large cases could incur larger shipping costs.

I tried to fix the drone myself and have taken it apart. Could you finish the repair for me?

Yes, just make sure to package it extra carefully so none of the circuit boards get damaged.