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Fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a price. We’d love to buy all your other accessories, so please let us know what you have we’ll factor it into our quote.


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If you accept our quote we’ll then send you a shipping label for your drone so it can be collected from your address or dropped off at a nearby location. Let us know if you don’t have a printer or would like to ship it yourself.


Get Paid

We send payments by bank transfer once we have received and tested your drone (within 2 days of receiving it). We can also pay by Paypal if you would like the payment before you send the drone.

Drone Rough Price Price per extra battery
Phantom 1 £50 £3
Phantom 2 £50 £15
Phantom 2 Vision £50 £15
Phantom 2 Vision Plus £120 £15
Phantom 3 Standard £120 £20
Phantom 3 Advanced £210 £20
Phantom 3 Professional £225 £20
Phantom 3 4K £210 £20
Phantom 4 £300 £40
Phantom 4 Advanced £380 £40
Phantom 4 Professional £400 £40
Spark £180 £25
Mavic Pro £350 £25
Mavic 2 Zoom £470 £45
Mavic 2 Pro £570 £45
Mavic 3 £1,500 £45
Mavic Air £250 £30
Mavic Air 2 £420 £50
Air 2S £595 £50
Mavic Mini £160 £15
Mini 2 £250 £20
Inspire 1 £500 £50
Inspire 2 £1,100 £50
DJI FPV Combo £625 £50
Parrot Disco £250 £15
Parrot Anafi £220 £20
Parrot Bebop 1 £50-80 £8
Parrot Bebop 2 £80-120 £8
Gopro Karma £200 £30
Yuneec Typhoon H £320 £40
Yuneec Typhoon Q500 £200 £20
Yuneec Breeze £50 £15

    Frequently asked questions

    I crashed my drone, will you still buy that?

    Yes, we buy any drone, whatever the condition. Please clearly explain the issue in the form above. If you would like to send photos please email them to [email protected]

    Do you buy water damaged drones?

    Yes, we still accept water damaged drones. Our quote will mainly be based off the value of the non-electric components (such as the shell and gimbal arms) and any undamaged accessories. Water damaged circuit boards are very unlikely to work reliably, so we can’t sell these to our customers or use them in our repairs.

    I would like to be paid by Paypal, are there any fees?

    We use Hermes for most drones, although we use Parcelforce for larger drones such as the Inspire. If you have a problem with our courier choices you can either send it yourself, or we can use a different courier.

    How should I package my drone?

    We recommend that you place your drone in a solid cardboard box with plenty of bubble wrap. If you have a case with good foam inserts then we suggest you wrap it and send it in that, or better still inside a cardboard box in the case. Please remember to install the gimbal clamp, or to carefully wrap the gimbal in bubble wrap as we have had larger gimbals break when customers didn’t use gimbal clamps.

    Which courier do you use?

    Yes, if you choose Paypal they will charge you 2.75% fees. There may also be a delay until you can withdraw the money.

    When will the courier collect

    Technically the courier will collect between 8am-8pm. However, they often give a much more specific timeslot. If you can’t leave your drone on your doorstep and aren’t in all day we suggest you drop the drone off at a local parcel drop shop.

    Where can I drop off my drone?

    You can drop your drone off at any Hermes ParcelShop. They are located almost everywhere in the UK. Click here to see your nearest one.

    Do you buy unofficial accessories?

    Yes, we will pay extra for any other accessories with your drone.

    My drone isn't on the list, will you still buy it?

    We can’t guarantee we will be interested in buying your drone if it isn’t on the list. But please fill in the form anyway and we will let you know if we are interested.