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All UK orders are shipped with Royal Mail 24, or can be upgraded to come even quicker. International shipping takes as little as 1-3 days with our express couriers.

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We pay for crashed drones

Do customers ever leave you drones or accessories? Contact us and we’ll buy them, whether they are fully working, or are completely irreparable. We will recycle or reclaim as much as we can, reducing the landfill and emissions of the industry.

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Discounts available

We reward our largest customers with the best prices. We base our discounts on your average monthly spend – don’t worry if you don’t quite spend enough for a month or two, we’re very accommodating!

Spend under £250 per month
5% off
60 day returns
Lifetime warranty
Priority service
Spend £250+ Per Month
10% off
60 day returns
Lifetime warranty
Priority service

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Email us at to register for an account. Anyone can apply, whether you are a large company, or repair a few drones alongside a full time job.